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Best Chimney Cleaners In Sugarland, TX

A chimney sweep is a professional who cleans soot and ash from your chimney. A chimney draws air up the inside of your house by using the pressure differential created by the hot gas or wood burning in it. The chimney may be straight or have multiple twists and turns. A skilled professional will be able to clear these debris, allowing the system to breathe easier.

A good chimney sweep will inspect your firebox. It’s not necessary to have a video camera to do this, but if your firebox is damaged, it can make your home vulnerable to ambient heat. A professional chimney sweep will also check the exterior of the chimney for cracks and brick integrity. 

Even a small crack can lead to crumbling brick, and a professional will have the right tools to repair it. This inspection will ensure that your fireplace remains safe to use, and that you’re not leaving anything behind.

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Our Chimney Inspection

At least once a year, chimneys need to be cleaned and inspected. Your safety and the lifespan of your chimney system depends on it. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) actually recommends an annual chimney inspection and cleaning.

Our chimney technicians will do and check the following:

  • If there are white stains across your chimney bricks.
  • If the mortar joints are cracked/deteriorated.
  • Inspect the interior of your chimney, using a video scanning device, helping us determine if cleaning should be performed and make cracks and leaks visible to us.
  • Put down protective floor coverings in front of your fireplace.
  • If the flashing is deteriorated/damaged
  • If the crown has melted/damaged.
  • Provide descriptive report of your system
  • Clean up all work areas.
Chimney and fireplace inspection checklist

Fireplace Inspection

Your Chimney Needs To Be Serviced Once A Year

To keep your chimney in good condition, it needs to be inspected and cleaned every year. Usually, the springtime is the most ideal time to get your chimney cleaned because it is before the season where you would be using your chimney the most.

Duct X is dedicated in providing affordable, reliable, and professional chimney cleaning services to all our clients.

Chimney chase cap and crown before and after repair

Ignoring Red Flags Could Lead To Costly Procedures.

To properly maintain your chimney, you should get it cleaned and inspected. If you don’t, it’ll lead to two major issues:

  • The cap (the top part of your chimney) will get clogged with time which will get the smoke back into your fireplace and into your house.
  • The more you wait the more damage will happen ultimately leading to more costly procedures.

Let our professional chimney cleaners inspect and clean your chimney today!

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Book A Chimney Cleaning Service Now!

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