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Getting your attic insulated is an essential step to reduce energy and utility bills, and to prevent air from escaping your house and stop outside air from coming in

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Types of Attic Insulations

Mineral Wool Batting

The first and most common one is mineral wool, which is mostly used inside unfinished walls.
 When building a new home, mineral wool is placed between the wooden panels to insulate the house from the cold winter and the hot summer. Mineral wool batting is recommended during the planning and building stages of a home. Once a house is completed, it gets fairly complicated to remove and replace. Is this your situation? no worries, there are other fairly easy and less costly solutions!

Fiberglass/Cellulose Blown Insulation

The second material used for attic insulation is cellulose or fiberglass. These materials are best used in enclosed existing walls and best used for unfinished attic floors or other hard-to-reach places since they are considered “blown-in” or “loose-fill” insulation.
Blown-in insulation is excellent for adding insulation to existing finished areas. 

Attic Insulation

Why Choose Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation?

It Saves Energy

The blow-in material locks in cooler indoor attic temperatures during the summer and prevents heat and cooled air from leaking out. American homeowners report saving up to 50% on energy costs, therefore the attic blow-in insulation pays for itself in three to four years.

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Fire Resistant

Fiberglass and Cellulose reduce the risk of fire by creating a tight air seal.
 In addition to that, it is non-combustible, meaning it is inherently fireproof and does not need to be treated with a fire retardant. 

Quick Installation

Wall-mounted panels usually take 2-5 days to install due to the large number of measurements that need to be taken in the attic.
 Blown-In insulation requires a single measurement of the attic, therefore a professional could get the job done in less than a few hours!
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20% More Effective

Blown materials are up to 20 percent more effective than fiberglass batting sharing the same R-value.
Blown fiberglass is flexible, and therefore can seal all those hard-to-reach places that batting insulation cannot reach!

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