Signs Your Chimney Is Failing

Using your fireplace is inevitable during the cold season. You want your family warm and cozy,
however with excessive use there comes a time when even your chimney needs a little love. In this blog, we will cover common signs for your chimney failing. Look out for these and avoid costly measures in the future.
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What Causes Your Chimney To Fail?

Dirt & Debris Buildup
Your chimney is the perfect place for dirt, ash and other debris to accumulate. This can cause your fireplace not only look unappealing but also be harmful to its structural integrity over time as well! clearing dirt & debris will free the chimney flue and allow smooth air flow from the fireplace outwards and from the cap inwards. Clearing your chimney of loose debris should be done once before every burning season.

Damaged Chimney Bricks 
Chimneys are built to last, but their exposure is not. Culprits behind the deterioration of a chimney include weathering and sabotage from animals who want nothing more than your house’s roof for themselves! The bricks will eventually fail due in part by losing strength when wet or cold; even mortar can become compromised over time if left unprotected against harsh conditions like these two things alone (and I know what you might be thinking – “How does this happen? It doesn’t seem possible… But yes IT IS!).
Maintaining our loved ones’ homes requires caring attention every year- make sure all surfaces inside stay dry at all times!!

Rusted Components
The metal components that go up in your chimney, like a cap or flashing can rust over time. This leads to leaks and other wear-and tear for the structure of our favourite outdoor space – the roof. It may be time to replace those old parts if they have become weak due to an unprotected environment like rain damage, which will only make things worse before it gets better! A new chimney cap might help prevent these pesky problems while also ensuring proper water drainage away from all areas under consideration so don’t wait any longer; get yourself some quality replacement pieces today!

Faulty Chimney Damper
When it comes to the mechanics of your fireplace, there are few things more important than a functioning chimney damper. If you notice any malfunctions or breakages in this area then not only will proper maintenance become difficult but also firewood may start leaking down into its base and igniting instantly when placed near lit candles – which could cause house fires!

Rusty components

Low Quality Mortar 
The mortar that bound the bricks together has a tendency to wear away with time. Fortunately, this can be fixed by tuck-pointing where new material is added and replaces what’s lost from age or other factors like weathering which affect its durability in certain areas more than others
One way you might want to stabilise your chimney is through filling any cracks along their length; doing so will help prevent costly replacements down the road  

Chimney Cap and Crown Before

Flue Blockage
A chimney flue can be blocked by debris, nests, leafs, stage 3 creosote and more. These obstructions can reduce the passage of smoke from the fireplace to the outdoors through the flue and can lead to back-puffing (smokey fireplace). Getting your chimney cleaned and cleared by a professional is crucial to ensure a smooth pathway for the smoke out the chimney and a safer environment for your family.

Bee hive blocking chimney

Now that you know what causes a chimney to fail, it’s time for some action. Book your chimney inspection today and learn about any maintenance needs with your fireplace or chimney so they can be addressed before something goes wrong!
Give us a call at (832) 789-3506 and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
We want all of our customers fireside experience to be perfect during these cold months ahead!
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